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Beautiful Florence, located on the banks of the Tennessee River.
The Shoals encompasses thirteen cities in the counties of Colbert & Lauderdale. The 4 principle cities are Florence, Muscle Shoals, Sheffield & Tuscumbia. Flowing between the two countries is the Tennessee River, a vital component of the history and development of the area. "The Shoals" takes its name from the once rocky, unnavigable stretch of the river as it flowed through Northwest Alabama.

WILSON LOCK AND DAM: With one of the highest single-lift locks in the world, this Tennessee Valley Authority facility is an engineering marvel. At the visitors center on the south end of the dam, one can learn about hydro-electric power, and even go inside an operational generator.

W.C. HANDY HOME, LIBRARY & MUSEUM: W.C. Handy's "Father of the Blues" birthplace is located in Florence. His home has been restored and now houses memorabilia, musical instruments and original manuscripts from some of his most famous works.

POPE'S TAVERN: Constructed over 150 years ago, Pope's Tavern has functioned as a tavern, stage stop and a confederate hospital. The building now houses a museum featuring pioneer artifacts. Located at 203 Hermitage Drive in Florence.

INDIAN MOUND AND MUSEUM: In Florence, this museum houses artifacts of native Americans dating back 10,000 years. The domicillary mound is the largest on the Tennessee River.

IVY GREEN: Located in Tuscumbia. "America's First Lady of Courage", Helen Keller, was born and raised in this typical Southern cottage. The museum room houses many of her personal belongings including braille books and honors.

ALABAMA MUSIC HALL OF FAME: Whether you like rock, rhythm & blues, gospel, country & western, opera, classics or contemporary music, the Alabama Music Hall of Fame will affirm that "stars really do fall on Alabama". Located on Hwy. 72 W in Tuscumbia..

COON DOG MEMORIAL GRAVEYARD: A unique tribute to man's best friend. Over 100 coon dogs hve been buried at the site. Each Labor Day, a celebration is held in the park with entertainment ranging from glue-greas music to buck dancing and even a liars contest, all served up with great Southern barbeque. The park is equipped with picnic area, rest rooms and a pavilion. Located seven miles West of Tuscumbia on U.S. Hwy 72 turn left on Alabama Hwy 247 and travel approximately 12 miles, turn right and follow the signs.

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