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Would you like to APPLY for one of my Awards?

Please read this carefully!

1... Your site must not contain any porn, foul language, hate, racists, occult or adult material. There must not be a link to any sites from yours containing this type of material.
I want to send you an award..

I do not want to ignore you! :)

If you do not hear from means that I have found something offensive on your site or a link to something offensive.

2... Your pages must have content, not just links. I want to see some effort!

3... All links and gifs should be working.

4... Your site should be easy to navigate. All pages should be complete. No sites "under construction".

5... If you win one of my awards please link it back to me, so others may apply. I will e-mail the award to you.

6... Your site must be in English, I apoligize, but this is the only language I know.

7... Would you please acknowledge that you have received the award.

Good Luck!

I look forward to viewing your site!

Please E-Mail me with your request
Include your NAME, the TITLE of your site and URL. Also, please give me a brief description of your site.

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Click on the OK button to select and apply for an award.

Click on the OK button to select and apply for an award.